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Comfort, serenity and natural environment combine perfectly here, because we care about your well-being.

Our five beds are composed as follows:

Design and comfort are perfectly combined, because we care about your well-being: all the materials used for room decorations are environmentally friendly.Your individual air conditioner can be precisely adjusted by degree.We will be efficiently at work in the best possible way to offer you a comfortable stay.

Book your holiday or business trip with us and check out our special offers – to make the most of our beautiful coastline. Our interior design rooms enjoy most of the day of natural sunlight, and all the tranquility you need for the recovery of a day visiting making your stay a right choice! Despite the central location at the property you can enjoy all the tranquility you need. Paid parking a few meters away.

In addition to being just a few minutes from the central station and the port and very close to the Capodichino airport, the accommodation is particularly appreciated given its proximity to Via S. Giovanni e Paolo as well as Piazza Gravinia, the heart of the area and made particular for its market street market, stalls and markets of the best food chains and housewares.

important thing is the proximity to the business center and to one of the most famous squares of Naples:

“Piazza Carlo Terzo”, a strategic hub for all tourist directions such as Corso Garibaldi which, in addition to being a main artery that connects the center to the central station, is also full of commercial activities.

The square connects the Tuttanatastoria B&B to Via Foria (in the immediate vicinity of the historic centre) where the two underground lines of Piazza Cavour and Museo are located, with which you can reach the whole city and all the places to visit in just a few minutes, whether it is a for pleasure or work.

Naples, the capital of Southern Italy, the city of Vesuvius, the homeland of pizza, the protégé of San Gennaro is difficult to tell. There are too many nuances, details, contradictions that need to be taken into account. It is no coincidence, therefore, that to try to understand the city we turn more often to art, poetry and music. For example, the famous "Napul è" by Pino Daniele, a song that alone is worth thousands of books dedicated to the city. In short, Naples is a challenge. Above all, Naples is beautiful. More than telling it, therefore, we can only advise you to live it.

The subsoil of Naples is crossed by a large network of tunnels, tunnels and aqueducts, some of which can still be visited today.
"Underground Naples" is the most famous route (not the only one) in the subsoil of Naples. A guided tour into the bowels of the city to discover the Greek, Roman influences and, above all, to relive the tragic days of the Second World War.
For the entrance visit WWW.NAPOLISOTTERRANEA.ORG

Piazza del Plebiscito is one of the most beautiful and characteristic squares in Naples, symbol of the annexation of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies to the Kingdom of Sardinia.

Piazza del Plebiscito has a particular shape. Its structure is half semicircular and half rectangular located between the seafront and via Toledo (reachable by underground line 1), the square is 25,000 square meters wide. for this reason it is often used as a location for large events, such as concerts or fairs.

Nearby there is obviously much more to see: there is San Gregorio Armeno, the street of the shepherds; there is the Archaeological museum; there is of course the cathedral.

Before visiting the latter, however, it is necessary (more, MANDATORY), to stop and eat a pizza. The addresses are really many, and many of them make the headlines for the visits of the most famous characters in history.

Possibility of requesting a return transfer from the airport or station to the B&B

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We can organize transfers (accompanying a / r by car and in the day) to nearby and very fascinating destinations (even if they can be reached by train from the very close stations but it is preferable not to have train timetable obligations) such as: AMALFI, SORRENTO

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